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Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. It was founded by King Kassander of Macedon in 315 BC and was named after his wife Thessalonike, who was a half-sister of Alexander the Great. After the fall of the Macedonian Kingdom in 168 BC, the city came under Roman rule. Architecture in Thessaloniki peaked while the city was part of the Byzantine Empire. The church of Agia Sophia is a brilliant Byzantine structure of detailed mosaics and elaborate gild works. The White Tower, a 16th century edifice, is considered to be the symbol of the city. A major part of the ornate Arch and Tomb of Galerius still stands today. Known as the "Kamara", this reddish-stone structure has withstood the damages inflicted upon it through centuries. Time has swept away most of the ancient Greek constructions but one can see the Hippodrome Square, once a Greek chariot-racing stadium. Ravaged by fire and bombardment in 1917, Thessaloniki lost a lot of its architectural heritage. In 1978, a major earthquake damaged many buildings and Byzantine monuments. Hints of Ottoman architecture are found in the Upper Town of Thessaloniki (Ano Poli). The extensive outer wall of the city, wooden houses and some of the city's oldest and most important churches have made Ano Poli a heritage site. The most important church is that of Agios Demetrios, the patron-saint. The church has three chapels, a museum and catacombs that include the dungeon where Agios Demetrios was imprisoned. Thessaloniki, one of the most gifted towns of Greece, is definitely worth a visit.

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Sightseeing and tours in Thessaloniki Town

• The Church of Aghia Sophia. It is a rectangular church, with a cross-in-square nucleus, which is covered with a dome. It is a 7th century church (Leon III Isavros); it was built on the ruins of a large, five-aisled basilica dated to the 5th century A.D.
• The Church of Agios Dimitrios, the patron saint of Salonica.
• The Arch of Galerius. It was built in 300 AD, to celebrate the definitive triumph of the Emperor over the Persians.
• The Rotunda, a circular building built by Galerius Ceasar.
• The Monastery of Vlatadon is located near the northern wall of the ancient city of Salonica, in the Upper Town —on the high hill overlooking the city.
• The Eptapyrgion Fortress that occupies the north-east section of the city walls. In its present form, the complex of buildings constitutes two groups - the Byzantine fortress of ten towers connected by the curtain walls and rampart, and the 19th Century prison buildings both inside and outside the fortress. In moderm times, the monument was used as a prison.
• The White Tower: This large tower and its counterparts Trigoniou, at the southeast corner of the citadel were probably erected in the 15th century. Some smaller towers stood there before the 15th century.
• The National Theater of Northern Greece, based in Salonica, was founded on 13th January 1961. Its first director Sokratis Karantinos. It hosts the National Gallery of Salonica with many works of art of Greek and foreign painters.
• Near the white Tower you can see the installations of the International Exhibition Centre with the tower of OTE (Hellenic Telecommunication Organization). Today Salonica is a thriving city and one of the most important trade and communications centres in the Mediterranean.
• The Archaeological Museum (tel.No.: 2310-831037), that presents fully and thoroughly the historical past of Macedonia. The headless man statue and the girl statue of the archaic times, the tombstones of the classic times, the mosaics, the sculptures and the portraits of the roman times excite the admiration of the visitors.
• The Folklife and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia and Thrace. The Museum collections amount to some 15.000 pieces, comprising woven and embroidered items, costumes, tools, guns, domestic utensils, furniture, carvings and woodwork, clay and metalwork, folk instruments, etc.
• Moreover in the area of "Ladadika”, which is situated down Ionos Dragoumi Street to the Paraliaki Street, a visitor can find a large variety of tavernas, luxury restaurants, nightclubs and galleries for his own pleasure. Do visit "Ladadika" that is a vibrant historical old neighbourhood which was saved by the big fire in 1917.

Travel tourism information in Thessaloniki Town

•Tourist Police:                 +30 2310 554871
•Port Authority:                 +30 2310 531504
•Municipality:                    +30 2310 238321
•Hospital (Ipokratio):         +30 2310 837921
•Airport:                            +30 2310 473212
•Bus Terminal:                 +30 2310 510835
•Rail Station:                    +30 2310 517517

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As far as your entertainment is concerned, the town of Thessaloniki is the perfect choice, as it is the place where you will find everything that you will need, while the various cosmopolitan regions of the prefecture are also organized. All these are the places where you will find cafeterias, clubs, bars, taverns, restaurants, fast foods, patisseries, casinos, athletic installations and everything you need for your enjoyment.

Special places of interest in Thessaloniki Town

As soon as you shall feel the urge for a swim, visit the beautiful organized beach at Agia Triada, the infinite sandy bay of Asprovalta or the extended sandy beach of Vrasna. Furthermore, the beaches at the region Epanomi, the sandy bays at the region Nea Michaniona, the beach at Nei Epivates, the coast of Perea and the exquisite sandy beaches at the region Stavros, are also stunning.