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Ioannina is one of the most beautiful cities of Greece. Surrounded by abundant natural beauty and endowed with rich historical evidence, the city flourished through the times becoming an important financial and cultural center; a historic 'Metropolis of knowledge' renown since the times of the great Byzantine Empire. The city, with a population of approximately 100,000 inhabitants, lies in the middle of a plain (600 m altitude), surrounded by mountains. The beautiful old town, trapped within the walls of its castle, spreads to the shores of the legendary lake of Pamvotis; the lake of Ioannina with its picturesque little island in the middle. Today, Ioannina acts as a commercial and cultural center of the North-Western part of Greece. It is the capital of the province of Epirus, which is the most mountainous place in Greece. The city boasts a wide range of sporting and recreational facilities including indoor swimming pools, football and basketball stadiums, theaters, cinemas, Art Galleries, Museums, dancing floors and many colourful bars and pubs. It is famous for its popular art of golden and silver jeweleries and wood sculpture. Within an hour's drive is the coastline of Ionian Sea with small harbour towns that link Ioannina with the Ionian Islands via fast ferries. Only a few kilometers away over the mountains, the ancient oracle of Dodoni silenced forever, awaits for the last pilgrims to come. To come and cherish the awesome view from its impressive amphitheater, dating from the 3d century B.C.

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Sightseeing and tours in Ioannina Town

Visitors to the area can see the old castle that is well preserved and which adds a unique character to the city. Near to the castle walls is a small harbour where one can take a small boat and sail to the small picturesque islet that is located in the middle of the lake. This charming island is known both as Ioannina island and Ali Pasha's island. Ioannina has some very special attractions that are popular with visitors to the region. If you have the chance, you should pay a visit to the Perama cave, which is situated approximately 4km from the city. This cave is considered a natural miracle because of the stunning stalagmites and stalactites that are found inside.
12km from the city in the village of Bizani is a wonderful wax museum, which was created by Pavlos Vrellis. This museum is a very popular stop for many visitors to the area. For those interested in archaeology and history, you much make a stop at the ancient site of Dodoni. Here you will see the oldest oracle of ancient Greece as well as one of the biggest ancient theaters that is very well preserved. This archaeological site is a fantastic opportunity to step back in time, and see this majestic theatre.

Travel tourism information in Ioannina Town

•Ioannina (capital)
•Police:                                      +30 26510 26290
•Hospital:                                   +30 26510 99111
•Bus Terminal:                           +30 26510 27442
•Municipality:                             +30 26510 79921
•Municipality (East Zagori)        +30 26560 31101
•Police:                                     +30 26530  25673 
•Police:                                    +30 26560 41233
•Health Center:                        +30 26560 41111
•Ski Center:                             +30 26560 41095
•Municipality:                           +30 26560 41207

Restaurants and nightlife in Ioannina Town

If you visit Ioannina you will realize that it is not offered only for a relaxing time as the number of bars and clubs is rather great. The bars are very atmospheric and various all-day cafés offer from all kinds of beverages to light snacks during the day and turn up the volume of music at night. On the other hand, if you are food lovers and you prefer to combine an evening out with dinner, try one of the traditional taverns or restaurants offering local and other Greek delicacies.

Special places of interest in Ioannina Town

The Zagorohoria (villages of Zagoria) 46 traditional settlements bounded by Mts. Mitsikeli, Gamila and the Aoos River form a fascinating geographical, architectural and cultural unit. The word "Zagori" it means "behind the mountains". Zagorohoria is an area of about 1.000 sq. m and it is divided into three geographical sections: West, East and Central Zagori. Each section has its own special beauty and history.The region is one of the country' s richest in animal and plant life, not only as regards numbers of species, but also rate species (bear, deer, wild goat, jackal and the like). The architecture here is very distinctive, the houses having been built exclusively of the local grey stone. The marvelous villages of Zagori are a certain guarantee for a fascinating journey that you will never forget!