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The appealing port city of Alexandroupoli is eastern Thrace's largest town and the axis of local travel in four directions. Everyone going to Turkey or Bulgaria passes through Alexandroupoli, and in summer it gets crowded with tourists waiting for ferries to Samothraki and other northeast Aegean islands. However, Alexandroupoli is worth closer examination, having as it does two marvellous museums, a pretty if somewhat kitsch lighthouse, and good seafood restaurants and, with its population of students and hale young soldiers, elementary nightlife. Part of the Greek state since 1920, Alexandroupoli was occupied by the Bulgarians from 1912 to 1914, and again during WWII. Today, this coveted prize near the Via Egnatia east–west highway is poised to reassert its strategic role, with the completion (expected by end of 2010) of a major oil pipeline starting in Burgas, on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast – something that raises concerns about its proximity to nearby forests and wetlands. Orientation Alexandroupoli's grid system of streets, created by Russia in 1878 during the Russo- Turkish Wars, is simple.

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Evros River delta: Evros is the second largest river in the Balkans. In the Evros Delta one finds numerous plant species, fish, reptiles, amphibians and mammals that use the area as a refuge.
Petrified Forest: The petrified forest is associated with the volcanic activity that existed in 25,000,000 years ago. The petrified forest is maintained in excellent condition and perfectly distinct morphological features of the trunks of trees.
Lighthouse of Alexandroupolis: Located in the port of Alexandroupolis is a registered trademark of the city.
Cathedral Square, St. Nicholas: In the center of Alexandroupolis, the square gives the pulse of the city with the church of St. Nicholas and schools on both sides.
Castles Havana: In the village of Abba are the medieval castle of the river and the castle of Havana, where you can see walls Mycenaean, Classical and Byzantine era.
Cave of the Cyclops: Located at Makri and inhabited the Neolithic period (5000 BC).

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Aleksandroupoli (Capital)
•Police:                   +30 25510 37411
•Port Authority:      +30 25510 26468
•Hospital:               +30 25510 25772
•Municipality:         +30 25510 64141
•Bus Terminal:       +30 25510 26479

Restaurants and nightlife in Alexandroupoli

If you visit Alexandroupoli you will realize that it is not offered only for a relaxing time as the number of bars and clubs is rather great. The bars are very atmospheric and various all-day cafés offer from all kinds of beverages to light snacks during the day and turn up the volume of music at night. On the other hand, if you are food lovers and you prefer to combine an evening out with dinner, try one of the traditional taverns or restaurants offering local and other Greek delicacies.

Special places of interest in Alexandroupoli

Alexandroupoli has a large coastline, with beaches both regulated and isolated, sandy and rocky. Some of them are:
Red Rocks: With picturesque small bays.
Dolphin: Sandy.
Makri: The sandy beach of Makris characterized by olive trees and is an important tourist resort.
Agia Paraskevi: Secular, beach, overlooking the small church of Agia Paraskevi.
Scorpio: Deserted beach, good fishing.