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The prefecture of Heraklio, second from the right, covers an area of 2,011 and lies between the prefectures of Rethymno and Lassithi. It is the most populated prefecture of Crete and its capital, the town of Heraklio, is the capital of the island. Other developed towns and villages are Agia Pelagia, Malia, Hersonissos, a very well organized summer resort, Epano Arhanes, Nea Alikarnassos, Myres and Agia Varvara. The climate in the prefecture is very good with sunshine most of the year. There are various mountains with Dikti mountain chain and Kofinas being the most important and also a few valleys. It is the most frequented area in Crete, mainly due to its splendid archaeological sites that enchant every visitor and display the magnificence of the Minoan civilization. But apart from the famous historical monuments, Heraklio has an abundance of other wonderful characteristics that make the prefecture an excellent holiday destination for all types of visitors. Thousands of holiday-makers from all walks of life select Heraklio as their vacation spot every year; celebrities and VIPs, simple travellers, backpackers, all gathered in this marvelous location. On Heraklio beaches, visitors can lie on pristine sands and swim in clear, cool waters. After a day at the beach, a delicious meal of Cretan delicacies at one of the many traditional Heraklio tavernas and restaurants really hits the spot. In the evening, everyone gathers at the popular seaside Heraklio resorts to go dancing at the clubs and bars. Stunning beaches, lush hillsides, charming traditional villages and stimulating nightlife, fused together to create the irresistible Heraklio Prefecture.

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Heraklio's homonymous port can be reached by ferry boat, mainly from the port of Piraeus. Also, there is access from some other islands, such as Ios, Karpathos, Kassos, Milos, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Rodos and Santorini by ferry boat or sea-taxi. We can offer ferry tickets through our online booking system.

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Heraklio can be reached by plane. We can offer airtickets to the island through our online booking system.

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There is a variety of hotels, apartments and rooms to let in places like Heraklio Town, Agia Pelagia, Hersonissos, Malia, Matala and many more, depending on the type of holidays you would prefer. You can find more information at the section of Heraklio hotels.

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Sightseeing and tours in Heraklio

The Prefecture of Heraklio, Crete is world-famous for its exquisite archaeological and historical sights. It was the center of the great Minoan civilization, which was very advance for its time, having developed multi-level buildings, intricate sewage and plumbing systems, and ventilation networks.
The finest Minoan site is the Knossos Palace, built between 1700 and 1300 BC. The Palace of Knossos contains approximately 1300 rooms, including a main court, a throne room, royal quarters, the queen's manor, a sanctuary, storerooms, a theater and the famous bathtub of Knossos, where the queen took her baths. Other impressive features of the Knossos Palace are the splendid, colorful frescos. Apart from the Royal Palace of Knossos, there are the magnificent Minoan Palaces of Malia and Phaistos (Phaestos), where the spectacular clay Phaistos Disk was found. Other wonderful Minoan sites include the settlements of Amnissos, Tylissos, Gortyna, Lyttos and Levina, as well as the ancient town, sanctuary, graveyard and summer palace in Archanes.There are also a number of impressive religious sights that are worth a visit, such as the Church of Agios Titos, the patron saint of the island, the Church of Agios Markos and the Cathedral of Agios Minas in Heraklio Town. The Sabbatian Monastery in Agia Pelagia is located in a lovely natural setting, while the Agaranthou Monastery in Peza is one of the oldest monasteries in Crete. The island of Crete has a distinct Venetian aura, and the Prefecture of Heraklio is no exception. Throughout the region there are many Venetian castles and fortresses. The most well-known are the Venetian Town Walls, the Venetia Port and the Morozini Fountain in Heraklio Town. If you are a museum buff, we recommend visiting the Archaeological, Ecclesiastical and Historical Museums in Heraklio Town, the Lychnostatis Museum in Hersonissos, the Archaeological Museum in Archanes and the museum of Dominikos Theotokopoulos - otherwise known as El Greco- in Fodele, the painter's home town. Lastly, nature aficionados will have a superb time in the Heraklio prefecture, trekking on Mt. Youchtas, hiking through the Viannos-Amira Gorge and walking along the idyllic path from Agia Kyriaki Church to the Kali Limenes Beach.

Travel tourism information in Heraklio

Heraklio (capital)
•Tourist Police:                      +30 2810 283190
•Port Authority:                      +30 2810 244912
•Hospital:                               +30 2810 237502
•Archeological Museum:       +30 2810 226092
•Bus Terminal:                      +30 2810 245019
•Municipality:                        +30 2810 399399
•Archeological area:              +30 2810 231940
•Archaeological area:           +30 28920 42315
•Archaeological area:           +30 28970 31597
Limenas Chersonissos
•Tourist Police:                     +30 28970 21000

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Restaurants and nightlife in Heraklio

The Prefecture of Heraklio is the nightlife capital of Crete. Heraklio Town and other holiday resorts like Hersonissos, Agia Pelagia, Stalida and Koutouloufari, are packed with traditional tavernas, posh restaurants and snack stands that offer meals for both high and low budgets cost. In mountainous Heraklio villages, visitors are treated to a genuine Cretan atmosphere while enjoying their meal. Crete is very well-known for its healthy cuisine and proprietors of Heraklio restaurants and tavernas serve a wide selection of local delicacies, including all the popular dishes, such as dakos (vinegar & water-soaked barley rusk with chopped tomato and feta cheese), dolmadakia (stuffed vine leaves), traditionally-cooked escargot, potatoes "oftes" (fried with the peel), staka cheese, rabbit stew, fresh seafood, kaltsounia (sweet cheese pastries) and "raki", the very strong alcoholic drink, served in a shot glass.
Heraklio Town also has hundreds of bars and clubs which are packed at night with young people who dance and party till close to sunup. Hersonissos and Malia nightlife venues consist of an abundance of bars and clubs by the seaside, which are also very popular with the younger crowd. Most visitors who enjoy stimulating nightlife alternate between Heraklio Town and Hersonissos, Crete.

Special places of interest in Heraklio

The long coast of Heraklio makes it the ideal holiday spot if you are the type of tourist who loves lying on the beach, soaking up the sun's rays, and bathing in crystal-clear waters. There are many Heraklio beaches to choose from, some of which are always packed with people and some more quiet and secluded. If you prefer cosmopolitan beaches with lots of people, we suggest going to the popular Heraklio beaches, such as Malia, Hersonissos, Stalida (Stalis), Gouves, Ammoudara, Agia Pelagia, Mononaftis and Matala. If you are fond of beaches where you can relax in peace and quiet, we recommend swimming at Dermatos, Loutra Lendas, Katlyki, Kalamaki, Kommos, Paleokastro and Fodele. Most Heraklio beaches offer at least the basic facilities: tavernas, cafes, umbrellas and chaise longues.