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Andros is the northern island of Cyclades, located near Tinos and Syros. It has been occupied since the end of the 4th Millenium B.C. and owes its name to the mythical hero, Andro, the grandson of the god Apollo. It is mostly a mountainous island (the highest peak is Profitis Ilias at 997m) with valleys covered in olive groves and citrus trees. Water is abundant and you can find natural springs around every corner of the island, the most important one being the Sariza Spring. Some of the villages of the island are Chora(the main settlement), Messaria, Gavrio and Batsi.

Andros useful info

Police Station +30 22820 22300
Tourist Police Station +30 22820 41981
Andros Council +30 22820 22275
Doctors Surgery +30 22820 22222
Buses +30 22820 22222
Port Authority of Chora +30 22820 22250
Port Authority of Gavrio +30 22820 71213
Port Authority of Batsi +30 22820 41986

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Holiday packages for Andros, is the site that enables you to create online, easily and quickly, your own holiday package to Andros. We can assure you that you can make any booking with us, whether it is airplane or ferry tickets, hotels

You can combine your holidays with short visits to nearby islands like Syros, Tinos to create your own unique holiday.

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Booking ferry tickets for Andros

Book your ferry tickets for Andros online with us, then collect your ticket at the port before your departure, from the special ticket kiosks. - Please note that some ship companies do not offer this service. If the case is so, we post your tickets well in advance.

Ship itinerary information for Andros

Andros can be reached by ferry boat, mainly from the port of Piraeus and Lavrio, as well as from the port of Rafina. The main port of the island is Gavrio and there are two more, in Chora and in Batsi. Also, there is access from the nearby Cycladic islands, like Kea, Kythnos, Syros, Tinos, Mykonos by ferry boat or sea-taxi. We can offer ferry tickets through our online booking system.

Special offers for ferry tickets to Andros

It is important to note that most ship companies offer discounts for return tickets. Keep in mind that if you want to visit a nearby island, you are strongly advised to buy in advance a return ticket for your destination.

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Booking Air tickets for Andros

Andros doesn't have an airport, so it can only be reached by boat. We can offer airtickets to Athens airport through our online booking system and then there is connection to Andros from the port of Piraeus, Lavrio or Rafina by ferry boat. Also, it is possible to fly to a nearby island which have an airport, like Syros, Mykonos and then reach Andros by ferry boat or sea-taxi.

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Hotel Guide provides you with a complete and up-to-date guide for hotel accommodation. You can find your favourite accommodation searching either by location, or by hotel name. 

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If you would like to search for Luxury Hotels in Andros (Luxury hotels, boutique hotels, 4 or 5 star hotels) search under the section Luxury Hotels.

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If you are searching for Cheap Hotels in Andros (rooms, apartments 3, 2, and 1 star hotels) search under the section Cheap Hotels.

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When browsing the hotel list for Andros, and clicking on the link "online booking", you 'll be first shown the hotels that offer online booking. By pressing on the button 'Book & Prices' you reach the online booking machine for the selected hotel.

Excursions and special places of interest in Andros

Excursions and tours in Andros

It is worth visiting the Archeological Museum where a rich collection of artifacts from all the island's periods is displayed, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Folklore and Christian Art, the Nautical Museum and the Kairios Library.

Places of interest in Andros

The coast line hides many impressive beaches, such as Achla, Piso Gialia, Korthi, Chalkolimiona, Zarko, Agios Petros, Paraporti and Batsi.

Thematic tours in Andros

Andros is considered to be a remarkable destination in the world for :

Family tourism

Restaurants and nightlife in Andros

p>Every kind of entertainment is available in Andros. If you prefer the night, the island will reward you. You may choose from a big variety of cafes, tavernas, bars and clubs. Most of these are in the bigger villages, but you will find isolated ones in the smaller villages as well.

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