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Being aware of the needs of the Greek traveler and especially of the modern foreigner one, who sometimes is in awe of the abundance of information on the internet, the well experienced team of has a suggestion for everyone’ s taste. With over 35 years of expertise in tourism in Greece, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to questions usually asked when one plans holidays in Antipaxoi: how do I get there, where do I stay, what can I see and do in Antipaxoi? What about transportation on the island?


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South across the sea about one mile from Paxi of the Ionian islands lies the tiny island of Antipaxoi, just four kilometres long and two kilometres wide. The island is owned in individual plots by Paxiot families. There are almost one hundred houses on the island, most of them a few hundred years old and the families who have built come here for their holidays and to cultivate grapes.An undulating interior of hillsides, carpeted by maquis, contains small vineyards above beaches of sand and pebbles. A network of narrow tracks lead from the small harbour of Agrapidia up to the interior and past the occasional cottage with gardens of fruit trees, vegetables and vineyards. The local grape produces a rich, red and unique wine. There exists a rare feeling of absolute peace and quiet. Antipaxoi will appeal to couplles looking for an unusual escape from even the smallest of crowds.

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Health Center of Paxi +30 26620 31466
Police Department of Paxi +30 26620 32566
Port Authorities of Paxi +30 26620 32222

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Booking ferry tickets for Antipaxoi

Book your ferry tickets for Antipaxoi online with us, then collect your ticket at the port before your departure, from the special ticket kiosks. - Please note that some ship companies do not offer this service. If the case is so, we post your tickets well in advance.

Ship itinerary information for Antipaxoi

Antipaxoi isn't connected with an ordinary itinery from a main port. Agrapidia, the only port of the island, can only be reached from the nearby island of Paxi by ferry boat or sea-taxi. We can offer ferry tickets through our online booking system.

Special offers for ferry tickets to Antipaxoi

It is important to note that most ship companies offer discounts for return tickets. Keep in mind that if you want to visit a nearby island, you are strongly advised to buy in advance a return ticket for your destination.

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Booking Air tickets for Antipaxoi

Antipaxoi doesn't have an airport, so it can only be reached by boat. We can offer airtickets to Athens airport through our online booking system and then there is connection to Paxi from the port of Igoumenitsa and finally to Antipaxoi, by ferry boat. Also, it is possible to fly to the nearby island of Kerkyra, which have an airport, and then reach Paxi and Antipaxoi by ferry boat or sea-taxi.

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To get the best deals early booking is required. Visit and find cheap tickets for Antipaxoi. Take profit from low cost airline and last-minute bookings, as well. Don't forget to use your airmile bonus card.

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Hotel Guide

there are no available hotels.

Excursions and special places of interest in Antipaxoi

Excursions and tours in Antipaxoi

Antipaxoi is famous for its exotic beaches Vrika and Voutoumi.

Restaurants and nightlife in Antipaxoi

There are only some taverns, where you must definitelly order the local wine, famous for its fine taste.

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