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Arkoi belongs to the group of islands laid on Aegean Sea called Dodecanece. It is located just below Patmos and is surrounded by small islets that constitute the Arkoi island complex (Marathi, Smineronisi, Tsouka, Tsoukaki, Avaptistos, Makronisi, Psathonisi, Kalovolos and Nisaki). Arkoi is one of very few islands where 3/4 of the terrain is still uninhabited and untouched by people. Splendid views, form of terrain as well as very longed-for by every tourist peace and quiet makes it an attractive place for holidays. Apart from holidays there are only 50 people on the island who live from fishing as well as farming and breading animals (mainly goats).

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Port Authorities of Patmos +30 22470 31231
Port Authorities of Lipsi +30 22470 41333
Community of Arki +30 22470 41206

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Booking ferry tickets for Arkoi

Book your ferry tickets for Arkoi online with us, then collect your ticket at the port before your departure, from the special ticket kiosks. - Please note that some ship companies do not offer this service. If the case is so, we post your tickets well in advance.

Ship itinerary information for Arkoi

Arkoi isn't connected with an ordinary itinery from a main port. The only port of the island, Arkoi, can only be reached from a nearby island, like Patmos, Samos and Lipsi by ferry boat or sea-taxi. We can offer ferry tickets through our online booking system.

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It is important to note that most ship companies offer discounts for return tickets. Keep in mind that if you want to visit a nearby island, you are strongly advised to buy in advance a return ticket for your destination.

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Booking Air tickets for Arkoi

Arkoi doesn't have an airport, so it can only be reached by boat. We can offer airtickets to Athens airport through our online booking system and then there is connection to a nearby island from the port of Piraeus by ferry boat. Also, it is possible to fly to a nearby island which have an airport, like Samos and then reach Arkoi by ferry boat or sea-taxi.

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To get the best deals early booking is required. Visit and find cheap tickets for Arkoi. Take profit from low cost airline and last-minute bookings, as well. Don't forget to use your airmile bonus card.

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Hotel Guide

there are no available hotels in Arkoi.

Excursions and special places of interest in Arkoi

Excursions and tours in Arkoi

In Pantanassa, at the top of the mountain, laid the old settlement of the Achaians. In the same area, there is also the oldest temple of the island «Panaghia Pantanassa». The remains of the castle are worth seeing and if one likes hiking, at an hour's distance and at the back side of the island, there is a magnificent cavern to be found with stalactites and stalagmites, still virgin and unexplored.

On the island except from peace and quiet one can also reach many splendid places as well as beaches. Tiganakia is the most beautiful beach famous for its blue, crystal water where you can get while walking along beach on the path that takes you straight to the sea. Different, equally splendid, beaches are on this island such as: Limnari, Padelia, Kapsaliasmenos as well as many small but charming bays.

Restaurants and nightlife in Arkoi

When it gets darker whole life of island moves to taverns. The most popular and best known from its magnificently prepared local dishes is Nicola’s Tavern situated in central and at the same time the prettiest place on island, near square by the sea from where you can observe ships arriving.

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