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Keros is an uninhabited Greek island, belonging to the Cyclades islands, about 10 km southeast of Naxos. Administratively it is part of the community of Koufonisi. It has an area of 15 km2 and its highest point is 432 metres (1,417 ft). It was an important site to the Cycladic civilization that flourished around 2500 BC. The exact role of Keros in the ancient history is yet to be revealed. However, the traces found there clearly show that the island's background was definitely rich. Its view from Pano Koufonisi is intriguing because its mountain range delineates a woman lying on her side and a whole host of myths and legends consider this to be the “lost holy island” of antiquity. Keros is especially noted for the flat-faced Cycladic marble statues which later inspired the work of Pablo Picasso and Henry Moore.

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Koufonisi Police Station +30 22850 71375
Koufonisi Port Authority +30 22850 22300
Koufonisi Doctors Surgery +30 22850 71370
Koufonisi Council +30 22850 71379

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Keros isn't connected with an ordinary itinery from a main port. It can only be reached from the nearby island of Koufonisi by sea-taxi.

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It has truly exotic beaches with white sand and turquoise blue waters.