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Limnos belongs to the NE Aegean islands and is located near Agios Efstratios and Lesvos. It has low and windswept hills, flat cultivable plains, beautiful seashores, salterns and water biotopes, sandy beaches and volcanic shaped rocks that make the island unique.Myrina is the capital and harbour of the island, built on a small peninsula between two capes, separated by the imposing rock and its fortress. Tourkikos Gialos has great taverns and a small harbour for fishing boats, while Romaikos Gialos is filled with beautiful neoclassical buildings extending throughout the seashore of the beach while the arched paved alleys lend the town an exceptional colour. The fortress located on a steep elevation crowns the hill between the two shores and offers outstanding views. Limnos is a beautiful, somewhat silent island; low profile, if you like. If you can't handle the mass of tourists that roam the Greek islands, then Limnos will be a refreshing option.

Limnos useful info

Police Station +30 22540 22200
Hospital +30 22540 22222
Port Authority +30 22540 22225
Municipality of Myrinas +30 22540 22315

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Holiday packages for Limnos, is the site that enables you to create online, easily and quickly, your own holiday package to Limnos. We can assure you that you can make any booking with us, whether it is airplane or ferry tickets, hotels, car rental

If you visit, do not miss the opportunity to follow the paths and attractions that we recommend. You can combine your holidays with short visits to nearby islands like Agios Efstratios or Lesvos to create your own unique holiday.

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Booking ferry tickets for Limnos

Book your ferry tickets for Limnos online with us, then collect your ticket at the port before your departure, from the special ticket kiosks. - Please note that some ship companies do not offer this service. If the case is so, we post your tickets well in advance.-

Ship itinerary information for Limnos

Limnos port, Myrina, can be reached by ferry boat, mainly from the ports of Piraeus or Lavrio, as well as from Thessaloniki and Kavala from the northern Greece. Also, there is access from the nearby islands, like Ikaria, Lesvos, Agios Efstratios, Chios and Samos by ferry boat or sea-taxi. The duration of your trip varies depending on the route and type of ship (conventional or high speed one). When booking your chosen ferry tickets for Limnos online, you will be informed of the precise time of arrival. Since ship itineraries change according to season, your are advised to check our online booking system for up-to-date information.

Special offers for ferry tickets to Limnos

It is important to note that most ship companies offer discounts for return tickets. Keep in mind that if you want to visit a nearby island, you are strongly advised to buy in advance a return ticket for your destination.

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Booking Air tickets for Limnos

The Limnos airport is connected with the main airports of Greece. Moreover, Limnos airport welcomes several foreign airlines, especially during summer time, which schedule regular or charter flights. Thus, travellers from abroad have the chance to visit this magnificent destination.

Book your flights easily and quickly through our online booking system. Telephone booking is also available for those who do not want to use a credit card. Limnos Airport is the international airport "Hephaestus" (Limnos - international airport "Hephaestos"). The airport is located 22 km east of Myrina, which is the capital of Limnos.

Flights to Limnos

Domestic flights

Flights from Athens Eleftherios Venizelos airport to Limnos are daily and, depending on the period of year, become more frequent. Flights last 50 minutes approximately and the types of aircrafts vary.

The airplane carrier is Olympic Air.

International flights

International passengers will reach Limnos via Athens, however, there are some low cost airlines from European destinations that connect directly.

To receive the most-up-to-date information on flights, please refer to our online booking for tickets, as schedules and flights to Limnos change.

Special offers and cheap tickets to Limnos

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Hotel Guide provides you with a complete and up-to-date guide for hotel accommodation. You can find your favourite accommodation searching either by location, or by hotel name. 

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If you would like to search for Luxury Hotels in Limnos (Luxury hotels, boutique hotels, 4 or 5 star hotels) search under the section Luxury Hotels.

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When browsing the hotel list for Limnos, and clicking on the link "online booking", you 'll be first shown the hotels that offer online booking. By pressing on the button 'Book & Prices' you reach the online booking machine for the selected hotel.

Car rental in Limnos, Special Offers

Rent a car

To avoid the trouble of taking your own car to Limnos, we urge you to book one online, through our car rental service. Thus, you are free to wander all over the island and visit sites and places that are not easily reachable by bus.

Car rental pickup points

Car rental pickup points is Limnos airport Myrina are (Limnos - international airport "Hephaestos"). These are all easily accessible locations when arriving on the island. Please check our online booking machine, for any changes concerning the car rental pickup points.

Car rental offers

The car rental rates that you will find on our online booking system are advantageous, and by browsing there you will find car rental offers in Limnos. You can compare the car rental cost with that of transfering your own car to the island by ferry, and so decide what is more convenient to you depending on the duration of your vacation.

Excursions and special places of interest in Limnos

Excursions and tours in Limnos

The Kastro spreads across the headland, it was once the island's acropolis. It is a Byzantine fort but its foundations date back to the classical times, when it was the site of a temple of Artemis. Generally, it has been modified by the Venetians, the Genoese and the Ottomans who took the island in 1478. There are several more places of interest on the island like the archaeological museum, the Sahara of Limnos(unique landscape of desert-like sand dune) and the Cave of Philoctetes, a sea grotto that takes its name from the wounded Homeric warrior who was supposedly abandoned there by his comrades on their way to Troy until his infected leg injuries were healed.

Places of interest in Limnos

Limnos has some beautiful beaches. First of all there's Richa Nera that, as its name implies (Riha Nera=Shallow Water), is ideal for children. Then there's Rea Maditos near the city, quite wide, and Avlonas Beach, a non-organized paradise with mirror-like waters. Agios Ioannis beach is surrounded by huge volcanic rocks and has crystal-clear waters. Finally, there is Thanos beach, surrounded by rocks as well, with fine sand and azure waters.

Thematic tours in Limnos

Limnos is considered to be a remarkable destination in the world for :

Thalassotherapy - Spa

Greek Wine Roads

Adventure Tours

Family Tourism

Restaurants and nightlife in Limnos

Limnos island is full of good places by the sea, offering delicious treats for your enjoyment while you gaze at the seascape with friends and family. Choose where to enjoy your wine and food, locating the tavern or restaurant you desire. However, it is not exactly famous for its nightlife. There are some bars and dance spots you could visit, but Limnos is mostly a calm island. Most of the bars are along the stretch of Richa Nera, but there are also some scattered in the rest of the island.

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