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Salamina is the largest of the Saronic islands and nearest to the coast of Attica. Only 1.200 meters away eastward to Perama and a mere 500 meters from Megarid coast to the northwest. The island’s area consists of 93.5 square km, with approximately 100 km of coastline, and a population of 37.088. Administratively, it is a part of Attica Prefecture, Department of Piraeus. Salamina is the birthplace of the Homeric hero, Ajax, the great tragedian Euripides, and the creative venue of our national poet, Angelos Sikielianos. Additionally, Salamina was the beloved place of hospitality and refuge of Georgios Karaiskakis, a national hero of the Greek War of Independence. Salamina is renown throughout the world as the site of the greatest naval engagement in world history, which took place in the straits between the island and the mainland in 480 B.C. There, the Greek victory over Persian despotism assured the salvation, flourishing and expansion of Greek civilization to the West, and to the of the world.

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POLICE +30 210 4646511
HOSPITAL +30 210 4677279
FERRY BOATS +30 210 4671494

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Ship itinerary information for Salamina

Salamina isn't connected with an ordinary itinery from a main port, like Piraeus. Paloukia, the only port of the island, can only be reached from the port of Perama by ferry boat, the duration of the trip is 15 minutes appr.

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Booking Air tickets for Salamina

Salamina has no airport. The nearest airport is the Athens international airport "Eleftherios Venizelos» (Athens international airport "Eleftherios Venizelos") (see airtickets Athens).

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Excursions and special places of interest in Salamina

Excursions and tours in Salamina

There are several sights worth visiting, such as: Folklore Museum & Salamina Municipal Library, in the Municipal building. Archaeological Museum,(1st Elementary School also Known as Kapodistriakon ) at P. Lembessis street, in the Town center. Euripides Theater, Panayia Eleftherotria Chapel, on Patris hill in the very center of the Town. Windmills, on the top of St.Nicolas hill across Patris hill also in the Town center. St.Demetreus church (burial place of Karaiskakis, also in the Town center. St. Minas church, also in the Town center. St. Phaneromeni historic convent. North west of the island celebrating on August 23rd. Residence place of our National poet Angelos Sikelianos, on the main highway on the coast of Phaneromeni convent. St. Nicolas Lemonia Histiric Monastery 17th – St.John Kalivitis Chapel 10th, situatedin a pine tree forest , south the island towards Kanakia. St. Nicolas Monastery. Euripides Cave – Dionysus Temple, in the south of the island, Peristeria district (area). Stone Light House, in the south of the island , at the Licopoulo promontory, a littlie further from Peristeria South – westwards.

Places of interest in Salamina

In the southern side of island beautiful beaches and creeks are existed as: NATO beach in Aiantion, Kanakia, Pyrgiakoni, Lamprano, Saterli, Kolones, Pigeons, Aias - Club, Kyriza, Lymniona, Giala and the Selenia. Also beautiful beaches you will see in the north-western side, as: Psilli Sand, Steno Faneromenis, Resti, Iliakti, St. Giorgi and in Vasilika. Also two organized Municipal Beaches are existed Beach ''Zefyros” which is found in Aianteio and beach ''Spithari'' that is found in Resti. The access in all these beaches is easy, with private car, with buses of KTEL Salamina or even with sea boats.

Thematic tours in Salamina

Salamina is considered to be a remarkable destination in the world for :

Family Tourism

Youth Tourism.

Restaurants and nightlife in Salamina

Lovingly hangouts that capture the heart of visitor are many in the centre of city as well as in other regions as: Selenia, Aiantion and Kaki-Vigla. Do not omit to sit in the traditional ouzo - restaurant in order to eat fresh fishes, seafood and octopus roasted cooked in the coals. The island has many cafeterias where you can enjoy your coffee or your drink looking far away next to the sea enchanting the sun. Also the night life in the island is very intense. There are lot of Clubs not only for the youth but also for those who feel young.

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