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Serifos is a small island of the Cyclades, which is found between Kythnos and Sifnos and covers an area of 70 km² with 1,414 permanent residents. The port of the island is Livadi. Indubitably, the most impressive settlement is Chora built around the ruins of a Venetian castle on the hilltop. In mythology, during the reign of King Polydekti, the island is connected to the fable of Persea, who killed Medousa who, at the sight of her horrible appearance had turned those who saw her to stone. The island name of Serifos means a barren place, but the island has rich subsoil with deposits of iron ore, the exploitation of which finally stopped in the mid 20th century.

Ferry tickets to Serifos

Serifos can be reached by ferry boat, mainly from the port of Piraeus. Also, there is access from the nearby Cycladic islands, like Milos, Syros, Paros, Mykonos, Andros, Folegandros, Ios, Kimolos, Kythnos, Santorini, Sifnos, Sikinos, Tinos by ferry boat or sea-taxi. We can offer ferry tickets through our online booking system.

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Serifos Council +30 22810 51210
First Aid +30 22810 51202
Police Station +30 22810 51300
Port Authority +30 22810 51470
Pharmacy +30 22810 51205
Town Buses +30 22810 51034

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Holiday packages for Serifos, is the site that enables you to create online, easily and quickly, your own holiday package to Serifos. We can assure you that you can make any booking with us, whether it is airplane or ferry tickets or hotels.

If you visit, do not miss the opportunity to follow the paths and attractions that you recommend. You can combine your holidays with short visits to nearby islands like Kythnos or Sifnos to create your own unique holiday.

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Book your ferry tickets for Serifos online with us, then collect your ticket at the port before your departure, from the special ticket kiosks. - Please note that some ship companies do not offer this service. If the case is so, we post your tickets well in advance.

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Serifos can be reached by ferry boat, mainly from the port of Piraeus. Also, there is access from the nearby Cycladic islands, like Milos, Syros, Paros, Mykonos, Andros, Folegandros, Ios, Kimolos, Kythnos, Santorini, Sifnos, Sikinos, Tinos by ferry boat or sea-taxi. The duration of your trip varies depending on the route and type of ship (conventional or high speed one). When booking your chosen ferry tickets for Serifos online, you will be informed of the precise time of arrival. Since ship itineraries change according to season, your are advised to check our online booking system for up-to-date information.

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It is important to note that most ship companies offer discounts for return tickets. Keep in mind that if you want to visit a nearby island, you are strongly advised to buy in advance a return ticket for your destination.

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Booking Air tickets for Serifos

Serifos has no airport. The nearest airport is in Athens.

To receive the most-up-to-date information on flights, please refer to our online booking for tickets, as schedules and flights to Serifos change.

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Excursions and places of interest in Serifos

Excursions and tours in Serifos

Serifos attracts a lot of visitors charmed by the marvellous beaches of Platis Gialos, Livadi, Agios Sostis, Sykaminia, Karavas, Avessalos, Koutalas, Agios Ioannis and Karavi.

Places of interest in Serifos

Archaeological Museum: Housed in Chora. There, you can see findings from the classic,
Hellenistic and Roman period.
White Tower: On your way from Hora to Megalo Livadi you will see the
White Tower, which dates back to the Hellenistic period.
Cape Spathi: Here you can see the stone lighthouse, built in 1901, 65m
above sea level in different rocky scenery.
Castle: At the highest peak of Chora, among the steep rocks, lie
the remains of the Venetian castle, built for the
protection of the inhabitants of the village.
The mines in Megalo Livadi: At the picturesque village of Megalo Livadi,
which was inghabited around 1850 mainly to meet the needs
of the miners, you can still see the remains of important
buildings of the past, such as the head quarters of the
mining company and the hospital.

Restaurants and nightlife in Serifos

In Serifos you can find a great number of restaurants, traditional taverns, fish-houses, where you can taste great local delicacies. Also it has a surprisingly lively night scene considering the island's overall lack of commercialisation. Don't expect the wild partying of Mykonos, Ios or Santorini but stay around the port of Livadi after the sun goes down and you'll find enough music bars to keep you entertained until the small hours.

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