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The Prefecture of Drama lies on the northeastern edge of Greece on the border with Bulgaria. It belongs to Macedonia and located at it's easternmost part. In terms of natural environment it is the richest prefecture. The Rodopi mountain range to the north, the Menikio and the Orvilos range to the west, Mount Pangeo to the south and the Lekani Mountains to the east surround it. The mountainous massif, which dominates the horizon, is Falakro, which is known as the "mountain symbol" of Drama. Valleys and mountains. Refuges and ski resorts. Glorious forests. Flocks of birds. Fertile soil, end­less tobacco plantations. Caves with enormous multicolored stalactites. Rivers that burble gently. Lyrical waters. Magical scenery. Hospitable people with warm smiles. The prefectural capital, Drama, lies at the foot of Mt. Falakro, which the locals call "the mountain of the flowers". This mountain of remarkable beauty boasts ski slopes for winter sports enthusiasts and four well-equipped refuges for climbers. The town, drenched in greenery and flowers thanks to its abundant water, looms above the valley filled with tobacco fields as far as the eye can see. This prefecture is offered for winter sports, hunting, autumnal or spring excursions from the around regions.

Airtickets to Drama

Drama doesn't have an airport, so it can only be reached by car or public transportation. We can offer airtickets to Kavala or Thessaloniki airport through our online booking system and then there is connection to Drama by bus, train or car.

Hotels in Drama

There is a variety of hotels, apartments and rooms to let in places like Drama Town, Volakas, Livadero and many more, depending on the type of holidays you would prefer. You can find more information at the section of Drama hotels.

Transfer & car rental in Drama

In order to reach Drama without using a public transportation, you can rent a car from Kavala or Thessaloniki airport through our online booking system.

Sightseeing and tours in Drama

Fort Lisse: In these forts, the Greek army fought against the German and Bulgarian forces on 6 and April 7, 1941.
Falakro Mountain: It is a symbol of Drama. Composed of a cluster of three volumes, which have a lot of herbaceous plants, mammals and birds of the area.
Elatia Forest: Located in the Rodope Mountains, just 60 kilometers from the center of Drama. It is unique in our country and spruce forest is the southernmost tip of Europe where the spruce grows. The forest village of Elatia consists of impressive stone buildings, which the Forest Service uses to host visitors, while at "Stravorema" will find a small meadow in dense forests is considered the finest in the area for outdoor recreation.
Forest Frakto: Under the highest peak in Central Rodopi 1953 meters, the forest Frakto, distinguished by the unique beauty of the usual image of forest landscapes. In the northeastern edge of the virgin forest is where there has been no human influence for over 500 years. It is unique in Greece and most important of its kind in Europe and has been declared a Natural Monument.
Waterfalls: Waterfalls Trahoni, Santa Barbara Blade, Achladorema and Stravorema located in "Dipotama" Paranesti forest. It's worth visiting the site for its impressive views.
Cave of the sources of the river Aggitis (Cave Maara): It is located 23 kilometers from the city of Drama, at the southern foot of Baldy terms. In a unique and rare beauty that cave reach the surface waters of Aggitis after km underground route, starting Basin Nevrokopi the foot of Falakro.
Canyon Peter - Towers: Starts north of the village of Towers and ends in stone. With a length of more than 10 kilometers an attraction for nature lovers - hikers, who can cross the bottom of vertical cliffs, in a stunning natural beauty. Temple of Dionysus in Good Spring
Archaeological Museum: Museum span the human presence in Drama from the Middle Paleolithic era
Museum of Natural History Rodopi (Paranesti): The museum houses exhibits of rare flora and fauna of the area
Museum of the Metropolis of Drama: In the halls of the Museum of church treasures exhibited priceless intellectual and artistic value
Byzantine church of Agia Sophia: Church of the 10th century, the city of Drama, which has frescoes, probably of the Middle Byzantine period, which today is coated.
Church of the Assumption: Located in Livadaki, built in 1870.

Travel tourism information in Drama

Drama (capital)
•Police:                 +30 25210 33333 
•Hospital:             +30 25210 23351
•Bus Terminal:     +30 25520 32446
•Municipality:       +30 25210 24444

•Police:                +30 25230 22100

•Police:                  +30 25220 22208
•Health Center:     +30 25220 22222
•Municipality:        +30 25220 22207

Restaurants and nightlife in Drama

Drama is particularly known for its nightlife, as residents are known for their liveliness and talent in dancing and singing. There are restaurants and taverns with traditional and local flavors, cafes with their excellent finesse and continue our acquaintance with the nightlife of the city in winter and outdoor spaces, offering many different options to visitors, regardless of age.

Special places of interest in Drama

Falakro Ski Resort: With tracks totaling 24 km in length, covered with snow to the heart of spring, with modern lifts and experienced ski instructors, Falakro ski Center offers safely complete satisfaction to the lovers of winter sports. Indeed, the treeless slopes are ideal for every degree of difficulty, which can test the limits and endurance of even the most keen skiers.

Rafting and kayaking in the gorge of the river Nestos Aggitis.

Hang Gliding - Paragliding and climbing.