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The county of Etoloakarnania is the western most part of Central Greece, and borders on the southeast with Fokida, and northeast with Evritania. In 2004, the "Rio-Antirio" bridge was completed, connecting Etoloakarnania with the Peloponnese, thus making a dream that has been dreamed for decades finally come true. The capital city of Etoloakarnania is Messolonghi, which is located just 34km from Antirio where the bridge is situated. Messolonghi is a very historic city and was the birthplace of Charilaos Trikoupis ( a Greek Prime Minister who served for seven terms from 1875 to 1895 ). Kostis Palamas, a famous literature personality, who wrote the anthem for the Olympic Games, "Ancient Spirit Immortal", was also born here. Messolonghi is an important trading city and tourist port, which was built between the openings of two rivers, those of Evinos and Aheloos. Located 44km south of Messolonghi is the picturesque coastal town of Nafpaktos. Nafpaktos is ideal for visiting all year round, and is a popular place for those seeking alternative tourism, and a place where one can easily get to grips with nature. Heading north from the capital of Messolonghi, at a distance of approximately 36km is the town of Agrinio. This is the industrial and productive center of the region, with the main industry being tobacco cultivation and processing. Each town and village in Etoloakarnania offer their own beauties, magic and charm, and the combination of all these elements make the Etoloakarnania region of Central Greece one that is ideal for holidays. With so much nature beauty, history and interesting sights to see, visitors will always have something to do in the area.

Airtickets to Etoloakarnania

Etoloakarnania doesn't have an airport, so it can only be reached by car or public transportation. We can offer airtickets to Athens airport through our online booking system and then there is connection to Etoloakarnania by bus, train or car.


Hotels in Etoloakarnania

There is a variety of hotels, apartments and rooms to let in Messolonghi, Nafpaktos, Agrinio, Amfilochia and many more, depending on the type of holidays you would prefer. You can find more information at the section of Etoloakarnania hotels.


Transfer & car rental in Etoloakarnania

In order to reach Etoloakarnania without using a public transportation, you can rent a car from Athens airport through our online booking system.


Sightseeing and tours in Etoloakarnania

"Rio-Antirio" bridge: This remarkable bridge has made both side much more accessible to each other, and has offered a wonderful new sense of the true beauty and charm of these regions of Greece.

Messolonghi Sights: Visitors to the city today can see the "Heroes Garden" with it's wonderful moments of the Greek and Philhellenes heroes such as Lord Byron, who fell fighting for the Greek cause. Visitors can also go to the town hall, which operates as a museum, where you can see an interesting selection of historical exhibits.

Nafpaktos Sights: Visitors to Nafpaktos will see the two medieval fortresses that stand on the edge of the harbour and which acted as the two protectors of the town. The castle that sits above the town and dominates the landscape is a very popular attraction for tourists to the area. Visitors can take a walk up to the castle, and enjoy the amazing panoramic views out towards the sea.

Agrinio Sights:  Visitors to this part of Etolaokarnania can also pay a visit to the "Kastrik" dam. If you decide to take this trip, you will pass through charming scenery, full of colour and rich vegetation, and pass along the Aheloos river with it's charming green islets.


Travel tourism information in Etoloakarnania

•Police:                   +30 26310 22220
•Municipality:          +30 26310 55120
•Hospital:                +30 26310 57100
•Bus Terminal:        +30 26310 22371
•Police:                   +30 26410 22520
•Municipality:          +30 26410 22013
•Hospital:                +30 26410 57333
•Bus Terminal:        +30 26410 22214
•Police:                   +30 26420 22222
•Port Authority:       +30 26420 22340
•Municipality:          +30 26420 22505
•Health Center:      +30 26420 23444
•Police:                  +30 26340 31205
•Port Authority:      +30 26340 31296
•Police:                  +30 26340 27258
•Port Authority:      +30 26340 27909
•Health Center:     +30 26340 23690
•Bus Terminal:      +30 26340 27224


Restaurants and nightlife in Etoloakarnania

There are several tavernas in the area of Etoloakarnania, where you can sample some tasty local delicacies such as BBQ eels and fish. A walk around the harbour of Nafpaktos is an enjoyable way to enjoy a drink at one of the cafes dotted around the sea. There is also a wealth of interesting restaurants and bars. As for the nightlife, the whole region offers many different options to visitors, regardless of age and taste.

Special places of interest in Etoloakarnania

There are several beaches at the area of Etoloakarnania, such as the two beaches of Amfilochia. The eastern beach of Amfilochia is a long pebble beach in the city. It is quite organized and concentrates many people and is surrounded by trees. The western beach of Amfilochia is also in the city but is not as big as the eastern beach nevertheless you can find many restaurants and cafes.
Psani Beach is the first beach one meets coming from Antirio towards Nafpaktos at the west side of the city. This pebble beach is approximately 1 klm. long and has crystal clear waters, it is also fully organized and has been awarded with a Blue Flag. Paleros Beach is a settlement with great tourist interest as it offers the largest, in length, pebble and sandy beach of the entire prefecture. Finally, Krioneri is a tourist resort with an organized beach with several shops. The area offers an impressive landscape as it is situated right next to the beach where the mountain of Varasovas rises. It is one of the most famous rock climbing areas of Greece. A lot of rock climbing tracks begin from Krioneri, fact that makes it an ideal destination for even the most demanding visitors.