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In the northeastern shores of Greece, is the bordering county of Evros, the gateway of Europe to the Orient. It belongs to Thrace and located eastern of Rodopi. It has taken its name from the River Evros which is also the border that divides Greece and Turkey. The area is peaceful and beautiful long the river and at the delta of River Evros you will find one of the most important water lands in Europe, which is also a National Park. The river Evros is the biggest river in Greece and also the richest in terms of fish that can be found here. The Evros river is fished for the fish "oxyrynghos", which is famous for it's caviar. Both the fauna and wild life of Evros include infrequent species, many of which are in danger of extinction, and therefore many areas such as the forest of Dadia and the Delta of river Evros, are declared protected ecosystems under the National and European law. The county also has large cities such as the modern Orestiada known as “the Paris of Thrace”, the historical Didimotichon which is of archeological interest and Alexandroupoli, the modern and spacious capital, an important trade and economic center of Northern Greece, which is also the most important harbor of Thrace. Whatever type of holiday and vacation you are searching for, you can be confident that Evros will be an ideal destination for you. Throughout the year, with the changing seasons, the region remains one of the most authentic and beautiful in all of Greece.

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Hotels in Evros

There is a variety of hotels, apartments and rooms to let in places like Alexandroupoli, Orestiada, Didimotichon and many more, depending on the type of holidays you would prefer. You can find more information at the section of Evros hotels.

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Sightseeing and tours in Evros

Evros River delta: Evros is the second largest river in the Balkans. In the Evros Delta one finds numerous plant species, fish, reptiles, amphibians and mammals that use the area as a refuge.
The forest of Dadia Soufli: Dadia, on the edge of large forest area 73,000 acres in kendo peripot of Evros and is a protected area.
Petrified Forest: The petrified forest is associated with the volcanic activity that existed in 25,000,000 years ago. The petrified forest is maintained in excellent condition and perfectly distinct morphological features of the trunks of trees.
Lighthouse of Alexandroupolis: Located in the port of Alexandroupolis is a registered trademark of the city.
Cathedral Square, St. Nicholas: In the center of Alexandroupolis, the square gives the pulse of the city with the church of St. Nicholas and schools on both sides.
Castles Havana: In the village of Abba are the medieval castle of the river and the castle of Havana, where you can see walls Mycenaean, Classical and Byzantine era.
The Dollhouse Kalesi Soufli: Massive buildings of the features are Soufli bitziklikia or dollhouses, which served the needs of sericulture.
Pythian Castle: Castle dates from the 14th century and is located in Didimotichon.
Cave of the Cyclops: Located at Makri and inhabited the Neolithic period (5000 BC).

Travel tourism information in Evros

Aleksandroupoli (Capital)
•Police:                  +30 25510 37411
•Port Authority:     +30 25510 26468
•Hospital:              +30 25510 25772
•Municipality:        +30 25510 64141
•Bus Terminal:     +30 25510 26479

•Police:                +30 25530 22100
•Hospital:             +30 25530 22012
•Municipality:       +30 25530 22236
•Bus Terminal:    +30 25530 22366

•Police:                  +30 25520 29644
•Health Center:     +30 25520 22222
•Municipality:        +30 25520 22219
•Bus Terminal:     +30 25520 22550

Restaurants and nightlife in Evros

If you visit Evros you will realize that it is not offered only for a relaxing time as the number of bars and clubs is rather great. The bars are very atmospheric and various all-day cafés offer from all kinds of beverages to light snacks during the day and turn up the volume of music at night. Such places can be met mainly in Alexandroupoli and Orestiada. On the other hand, if you are food lovers and you prefer to combine an evening out with dinner, try one of the traditional taverns or restaurants offering local and other Greek delicacies.

Special places of interest in Evros

Evros has a 25 km coastline, with beaches both regulated and isolated, sandy and rocky. Some of them are:
Red Rocks: With picturesque small bays.
Dolphin: Sandy.
Makri: The sandy beach of Makris characterized by olive trees and is an important tourist resort.
Agia Paraskevi: Secular, beach, overlooking the small church of Agia Paraskevi.
Scorpio: Deserted beach, good fishing.