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The prefecture of Korinthia, joining Central Greece with the Peloponnese is the first prefecture that welcomes all visitors who are coming from Athens. It provides the first glimpses of the beauty, history, excitement and interest that can be found here in the Peloponnese. The capital of Korinthia is Korinthos. Repeatedly levelled by earthquakes, Korinthos is a modern seaside resort, with a selection of shops, tavernas, bars and cafes. Approximately 5km away from the town is the Korinthos Canal. Originally intended as a shipping route, cutting the time of reaching the port of Piraeus in Athens by several days, it is today more of a landmark. Today's modern vessles are too wide for the canal, though small vessles and cruise ships still use the canal. Work on the canal began in 1882 by a French company, and was completed approximately 11 years later by Greeks. It is 6.34km in length, and 23m wide. The canal is passed over by three bridges, the old national highway, the new national highway and the train bridge.Though the canal was completed relatively recently, it had been the desire by many rulers in ancient times, including the Roman Emperor Nemo, to build a canal across the Isthmus (courtyard), though none were successful. Loutraki in Korinthia is a very popular destination for Greeks and visitors from abroad, and offers a wealth of facilities and natural spas. It is a very cosmopolitan area, and is home to the famous Loutraki casino, which many people visit. Just beyond Loutraki, heading out to the west is Lake Vouliagmeni, which, via a narrow channel, joins the sea. Korinthia also offers visitors several other small towns which are worth visiting, such as Xylokastro, Perigiali, Vrachati and Assos. With several nice beaches, the Korinthia prefecture is a beautiful one to visit, and provides a warm welcome to the Peloponnese to those visitors arriving from Athens and mainland Greece.

Airtickets to Korinthia

Korinthia doesn't have an airport, so it can only be reached by car or public transportation. We can offer airtickets to Athens airport through our online booking system and then there is connection to Korinthia by bus, train or car.

Hotels in Korinthia

The prefecture of Korinthia constitutes the ideal place that can accommodate you during your summer or winter getaway in a variety of hotels, both in seaside and inland areas. According to your preferences and particular needs you may opt among luxury hotel rooms with amazing facilities and high-standard services, to wooden chalets in the mountainous areas, to budget accommodation units or traditional pensions. Whichever accommodation type you may choose, the prefecture of Korinthia offers you the potential of a great holiday in an extremely beautiful place.. You can find more information at the section of Korinthia hotels.

Transfer & car rental in Korinthia

In order to reach Korinthia without using a public transportation, you can rent a car from Athens airport through our online booking system.

Sightseeing and tours in Korinthia

If you are considered to be a sightseeing buff, then the prefecture of Korinthia is the place to be. There are numerous sights to be admired reflecting the historical background of this important area. Many archaeological sites show us the growth and the cultural development of ancient Korinthia. One of the highlights of the ancient site is the Temple of Apollo, which has seven of it's original 38 Doric columns intact. The temple, dating from the 6th century BC is truly a sight to behold. Other ruins include the site of the Agora, the foundations of the huge Stoa and the ancient theatres. There is also the museum where you can see the displays of Roman mosaics and statues, as well as other important findings. Akrocorinth inside the ancient city, the most ancient castle in Peloponnese, Nemea with the temple of Zeus and ancient Sikion with the theater and the stadium are all very important pieces of the Greek history. The prefecture of Korinthia is also known for many more amazing places, such as Isthmus, a narrow cutting in the land to allow the ships to pass, as well as Isthmia and historic villages such as Dervenakia, where an important Greek victory against the Turks took place.

Travel tourism information in Korinthia

•Korinthos (capital)
•Tourist Police:        +30 27410  23282
•Police:                    +30 27410 26266
•Port Authority:        +30 27410 26162
•Bus terminal:         +30 27410 75424
•Municipality:          +30 27410 22132
•Hospital:                +30 27410 25711
•Police:                    +30 27410 48205
•Port Authority:        +30 27410 37555
•Tourist Police:       +30 27440 49112
•Police:                   +30 27440 65678
•Casino:                 +30 27440 65501
•Municipality:         +30 27440 69000
•Hospital:               +30 27440 26666
•Police:                  +30 27430 91215

Thematic tours in Korinthia 

There are some available tours to Korinthia. You can arrange the one of your choice through our online booking system.

Restaurants and nightlife in Korinthia

The prefecture of Korinthia provides visitors with a wide range of entertainment and dining venues, as there is remarkable tourist infrastructure all around the area. You can find a plethora of seaside taverns and restaurants, cafés, clubs and bars not only in Korinthos, which is the capital of the prefecture, but also in the other towns, catering to the visitors’ every need. At Loutraki there is also a casino, where you can spend a glamorous night and, why not, try your luck.

Special places of interest in Korinthia

The idea of swimming in the crystal-clear waters of beautiful beaches is rather tempting and when you are offered the opportunity to realize it at close proximity to the Greek capital, then it immediately becomes the ideal option for a short or long getaway. The prefecture of Korinthia offers a wide range of fantastic beaches for all tastes in most of its towns and settlements. If you fancy cosmopolitan, much frequented beaches with water sport facilities, try the very well-organized beach of Agii Theodori, Loutraki, Kalamia in Korinthos, the beach of Vrachati and Xylokastro. If you are looking for tranquility in a relaxing setting, you can choose the beach Kokkoni nearby Vrahati, the beach of Neratza, Melissi, Sykia. The beautiful beach of Kiato is an ideal choice for people of all tastes, as there are both cosmopolitan and quiet spots, satisfying everyone. You can also swim in Derveni, Korfos, Lechaeo, Likoporia, scenic settlements with very clean waters, while you can try the beaches at Loutraki and Loutra Oraias Elenis with the therapeutical hot springs.