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The prefecture of Messinia is part of the geographical district of Peloponnese and is located at the south-western part of the greater region. It borders with Laconia in the east, Arcadia and Ilia in the north, as well as the Ionian Sea and the Messiniakos gulf. The prefecture of Messinia has 167.000 inhabitants. The capital and port of the prefecture is the town of Kalamata, one of the most modern towns of the country, with parks, fine street planning, broad roads, hotel accommodation and excellently developed educational and artistic activity. Blessed with an outstanding sandy beach Messinia boasts a variety of authentically traditional and picturesque villages to wander through. Happening beach towns such as Methoni with its castle and Kyparissia with cobblestone streets contrast with the agriculture seaside town of Gargaliani and coastal town of Kardamili beside the Virou gorge. Kardamili is also the site of a historic castle and Agios Spiridon – one of the oldest churches in Greece dating from the 6th century. Noteworthy as well is the historical, traditional town of Pylos that hides its troubled history well. There are many beautiful 19th century houses that overlook the bay of Navarino.The castle built in the late 16th century by the Turks, Neo Kastro (New Castle), was built to control the bay of Navarino.The castle was recently restored, and includes a small museum with some beautiful prints and lithographs on display as well as fully costumed heroes of the War of Independence. Pylos gives visitors the impression that they are actually on an island, and is well worth visiting if you get the chance.The town of Koroni, built on the site of a prehistoric settlement, is also amazing with its castle, whitewashed houses and narrow streets. Like many others, Koroni's history and culture was shaped by ancient peoples, as well as by the Venetians, Byzantines, Ottomans and modern Greeks. Wandering around the prefecture of Messinia you will realize that this region was gifted by nature and history.

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Hotels in Messinia

There is a variety of hotels, apartments and rooms to let in places like Kalamata, Pylos, Methoni, Kyparissia and many more, depending on the type of holidays you would prefer. You can find more information at the section of Messinia hotels.

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Sightseeing and tours in Messinia

While in Messinia Greece you can get acquainted with interesting sights and charming attractions that will give you the chance to gain some more knowledge about this bewitching place. At the town of Kalamata you will admire the castle, the old town, the churches and the monasteries, the libraries, the public theater, the picture gallery, the neoclassical buildings, the monument of the fighters of 1821, the tobacco factory of Karelia, as well as the archaeological and cultural museums, which are some of the most interesting sites of the town.The whole of the area seems to be an open-air museum with innumerable sites, such as the remains of Apollo’s Sanctuary in Agios Andreas, the archaeological site in Ancient Messini, the ancient town of Filiatra and the Mycenaean Palace in Hora Trifilias. As castles and fortresses abound in Messinia and most of them are very well-preserved, pay a visit at the remains of the Middle Ages castle in Androusa, the castle and the Bourtzi fortress in Methoni, the castles Paleokastro and Niokastro in Pylos, as well as the Frank castle remains in Stoupa.

Travel tourism information in Messinia

•Kalamata (capital)
•Police:                   +30 27210 44600
•Port Authority:       +30 27210 22218
•Bus Terminal:       +30 27210 23147
•Municipality:         +30 27210 21959
•Hospital:               +30 27210 46000
•Police:                  +30 27230 31203
•Municipality:         +30 27230 31255
•Police:                  +30 27610 62040
•Municipality:         +30 27610 22210
•Hospital :              +30 27610 22222
•Police:                  +30 27230 22316
•Port Authority:      +30 27230 22225
•Health Center:     +30 27230 22315

Restaurants and nightlife in Messinia

The prefecture of Messinia is famed for its vibrant nightlife and plethora of dining options, since it is a place that pulses with tourists from all over the world, all year round. All around the prefecture you will find a wide range of entertainment venues for all tastes, such as bars and nightclubs, while seaside resorts throb with lovely seaside cafés, taverns and restaurants serving from light snacks to delicious meat and fish dishes that you will adore.

Special places of interest in Messinia

The beaches in Messinia can be paralleled with little tropical paradises, which spellbind tourists with their turquoise waters and beautiful shores, both sandy and pebbly. The locations where you can enjoy your swim are innumerable, but the most renowned Messinia beaches are the very long beach of Kalamata, Almiros, Mikri Mantineia, Santova and Delfinia beach in Kardamili, Stoupa and Kalogria beach in Stoupa. The region of Messini offers an extended coastline full of beautiful sandy beaches and great facilities, while in Koroni and Methoni you will find magic beaches, such as Peroulia, Zagga, Kalamaki and Foinikounta that you will adore. It is worth visiting the beaches of Pylos like Gialova and Voidokilia, which are two of the most popular beaches in Messinia.If you have a boat you can visit Proti, Sapientza, Shiza, Agia Mariani and Venetiko, which are beautiful and secluded islets, with peaceful, turquoise waters.