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Rodopi prefecture belongs to Thrace and is located between Xanthi and Evros. It is characterized for its mountainous volumes in its northern side and the dashing streams that spring from there and lead to the southern side to the Aegean Sea, where the beautiful beaches are. The northern region of Rodopi is covered by the Papingio mountains, which form part of the Rodopi mountains, after which the county takes it's name.The central and southern parts of Rodopi are a mixture of forests and farmland. Capital of the prefecture is Komotini which on Ottoman domination was named Goumourtzina. Today it is a modern city that combines harmoniously the European and Eastern element in architecture, in tradition, in culture and people. The history of the city begins in the meta-christian centuries with the foundation of a small settlement and the construction of a Byzantine fortress that gives the city the opportunity to develope. Later during the Ottoman domination Komotini became the most important center in the region developing the agriculture and the livestock-farming. It is finally incorporated with Greece in 1920 with the rest of Thrace. Visitors to Rodopi can enjoy the unique and inspiring landscape, where the dominating mountains and rich forests create a perfect setting in which to relax and escape from the stress and noise of everyday city life. As well as the capital town of Komotini, there are several interesting towns and villages that one can visit, such as Sapes and Mesi. With easy access to the neighbouring counties of Thrace, as well as being an excellent base from which visitors can venture out and explore the surrounding areas, Rodopi is an excellent choice for your holiday destination in the northern region of Greece.

Airtickets to Rodopi

Rodopi doesn't have an airport, so it can only be reached by car or public transportation. We can offer airtickets to Kavala or Alexandroupoli airport through our online booking system and then there is connection to Rodopi by bus, train or car.

Hotels in Rodopi

There is a variety of hotels, apartments and rooms to let in Komotini, Fanari and many more, depending on the type of holidays you would prefer. You can find more information at the section of Rodopi hotels.

Transfer & car rental in Rodopi

In order to reach Rodopi without using a public transportation, you can rent a car from Kavala or Alexandroupoli airport through our online booking system.

Sightseeing and tours in Rodopi

There are many interesting archaeological and ancient sites that visitors to the region can visit, as well as several very imperssive religious sites and churches. In Komotini you can visit the ruins of the Byzantine fortress,  the old city and market, the Byzantine metropolitan temple of The Assumption of Virgin Mary, Imaret, a building with historical and architectural value of the 14th century and the old mansions. Generally in the prefecture, you can visit the archaeological site of Maroneia. The excavations brought to light the city walls, the ancient theatre, the sanctuary of Dionyssos, a hellenistic house with mosaic flooring, two building complexes dated to the hellenistic season and other. In the wider area of Maroneia are a lot of monuments from the early-Christian and Byzantine period, like the barrel-vaulted churches at the site called Parathyra, the atrium of an early Christian basilica of the 6th century A.D, with mosaic floors and a Byzantine monastery over the ruins of a Justinianian three-aisled basilica in Synaxis area, part of a bath installation dated to the period of Justinian A', conch of a church decorated with a wall-painting of a foliate cross dated to the second phase of the Iconomachy, under a church of the 11/12th century, the fortification walls of the castle of Maroneia and others. Near Fanari the ancient Dikaia, the ancient Greek Strimi, a Macedonian tomb in Symbola, Mountain Papikio is offered for climbing, with access from the village Sostis, and was a center of monasticism for Byzantine emperors, the archaeological site of Anastasioupolis - Peritheorion where you can see the fortress ring, towers and above the gates are the imperial monograms of Byzantine emperors, the biotope in Vistonida Lake, Ismarida Lake to the east of Vistonida the only freshwater lake in Thrace, a shelter for 200 species of birds and Nymfaia forest.

Travel tourism information in Rodopi

•Police:                 +30 25310 34444
•Municipality:        +30 25310 22720
•Hospital:              +30 25310 22222
•Police:                  +30 25320 22100
•Municipality:         +30 25320 22369
•Health Center:     +30 25320 22221
•Police:                  +30 25330 41244
•Municipality:         +30 25330 22210

Restaurants and nightlife in Rodopi

If you visit Rodopi you will realize that it is not offered only for a relaxing time as the number of bars and clubs is rather great. The bars are very atmospheric and various all-day cafés offer from all kinds of beverages to light snacks during the day and turn up the volume of music at night. Such places can be met mainly in Komotini. On the other hand, if you are food lovers and you prefer to combine an evening out with dinner, try one of the traditional taverns or restaurants offering local and other Greek delicacies.

Special places of interest in Rodopi

In Rodopi, one can enjoy the sea and the vast sandy beaches of the Fanari tourist resort, as well as of nearby Arogi village where one can find hotels, rooms to let, a municipal camping, taverns, etc. More to the south you will find the beaches of Messi, Molyvoti, Prophet Ilias and Alkyona offering peace and beautiful picture of the lines where sand changes to pebbles. Advancing at the same direction the visitor will reach the beaches Platanitis and Aghios Charalambos, where hotels and picturesque fish taverns can be found. The small coves of Marmaritsa and Synaxi as well as the beach Petrota are ideal for fishing and diving fans.