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Serres, a prefecture gifted with exceptional natural beauty, unique archaeological sites and impressive historical monuments, is considered to be an ideal venue for your holidays, especially during the winter season. Serres, an extremely developed prefecture, as far as tourism is concerned, attracts many visitors, due to, among other allurements, the important cultural events that take place all year round.The prefecture of Serres is a part of the geographical district of Eastern Macedonia, and it borders with Bulgary and F.Y.R.O.M. in the north, the prefecture of Drama in the east, the prefecture of Kavala on the southeastern, the prefecture of Thessaloniki and the prefecture of Kilkis in the west. It has approximately 193.000 inhabitants.Serres, the capital of the prefecture, is a modern town and the commercial center of the greater region. However, it remains an interesting destination as it pulses with archaeological sites, scenic churches and monasteries, traditional villages, museums, natural sites and the ski center Vrontous.Wandering around the prefecture of Serres, you will come across various beautiful settlements. Agia Eleni, a village famous for the custom “Anastenaria” (walking on coals), Alistrati, a hamlet gifted with a magnificent cave and an imposing canyon as well as the village Amfipoli, which is located at the archaeological site of the ancient town of Amfipoli. Moreover, the tobacco village Gazoros, the village Kerkini, close to the homonymous lake, the village Monoklissia that is famous for its traditional customs, the tourist resort Nea Kerdilia, the agricultural hamlet Neos Skopos, the range of Nigrita and the beautiful border town of Sidirokastro, are definitely worth a visit.

Airtickets to Serres

Serres doesn't have an airport, so it can only be reached by car or public transportation. We can offer airtickets to Kavala or Thessaloniki airport through our online booking system and then there is connection to Serres by bus, train or car.

Hotels in Serres

There is a variety of hotels, apartments and rooms to let in places like Serres Town, Kerkini, Sidirokastro and many more, depending on the type of holidays you would prefer. You can find more information at the section of Serres hotels.

Transfer & car rental in Serres

In order to reach Serres without using a public transportation, you can rent a car from Kavala's or Thessaloniki's airport through our online booking system.

Sightseeing and tours in Serres

The archaeological site of Amphipolis: Amphipoli was founded by the Athenian general Agnonas on the outfalls of river Strimonas and was an important colony of the Athenians at the antiquity for its strategic position and for its rich mines in Pangeo mountain. The Christian Amphipolis is found in the same archaeological site in the place of the citadelAlso, the Lion of Amphipolis, a burial monument of the 4th century B.C., the Archaeological museum of Amphipolis with all the discoveries from the archaeological site from the prehistoric times until the Byzantine years, like jewels, coins, busts, murals and other., Alistratis cave a wonder of nature with stalactites and stalagmites in thousands of shapes, the canyon of Aggitis river, with rich vegetation. Aggitis river is ideal for rafting. Other places worth visiting are the ski centre of Lailia on an altitude of 1.600 metres in a forest of beeches and firs, the citadel in the city of Serres on the hill Koula, with ruins of the ancient and Byzantine citadel, the "Tower of Orestis" and the Temple of Saint Nikolaos of the 14th century in the northern side of the castle, Mpezesteni in the city of Serres, a preservable Turkish building, that accomodates the Archaeological Museum of the city., the Monastery of St. Prodromos dated at the 13th century a monument of astonishing beauty and the Museum of Byzantine Art situated in the depth of a gorge full of sycamores and pines, 9 km from the city of Serres and the Monastery of Virgin Mary on the northern side of Pageo mountain founded in the 10th century.

Travel tourism information in Serres

•Seres (capital)
•Police:                  +30 23210 22553
•Bus Terminal:      +30 23210 26606
•Hospital:              +30 23210 55700
•Rail Station:        +30 23210 59700
•Municipality:        +30 23210 83600
•Ski Center:          +30 23210 58783
•Police:                  +30 23230 23333
•Municipality:         +30 23230 28051
•Police:                  +30 23270 22133
•Municipality:         +30 23270 28010

Restaurants and nightlife in Serres

The tavernas in the small villages that dot both the plain and higher elevations serve local game and traditional ethnic recipes created by the multicultural influences of its turbulent history. As for the nightlife, you will realize that it is not offered only for a relaxing time as the number of bars and clubs is rather great. The bars are very atmospheric and various all-day cafés offer from all kinds of beverages to light snacks during the day and turn up the volume of music at night.

Special places of interest in Serres

One of the few success stories of man’s intervention in nature, this rich biotope, 17 kilometers in length and 5 wide at its maximum in early spring, is home to more than 620 species of plants, 31 species of fish as well as amphibians and reptiles, rodents and immeasurable insects. An entomologist’s dream, 120 species of butterfly alone flit among its wildflowers. This generous ecosystem also supports hedgehogs, hares, ferrets, foxes, wolves, boar and roe deer that roam Kerkini’s shores, not to mention the herds of water buffalo wallowing among the water lilies in its shallows. However, it is the birdwatching that draws the greatest number of visitors to this protected national nature reserve, one of 10 in Greece of international importance under the Ramsar Convention. At almost any time of the year, the lake hosts more than 20,000 birds, from ducks, geese and swans to pelicans, egrets, herons, storks and cormorants. Listed as an Important Bird Area under the Bonn Convention, many migratory birds come here to reproduce, including eagles, owls and numerous passerines and songbirds in addition to the more prevalent waterfowl.